It’s time to turn ON your good mood, and turn OFF:
  • Stress
  • Cravings
  • Hunger pains
  • Heavy exercise
  • Counting calories
  • Measuring food

Based on more than 30 years of pioneering research at MIT on food, mood, brain, and appetite by world-renowned scientist Dr. Judith Wurtman, THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET is the very first weight loss plan to harness the power of your body’s natural “feel good” chemical – serotonin – to help you lose stubborn pounds.

This simple 12-week plan (including more than 75 delicious recipes) has been clinically proven to help end stress-driven emotional overeating, stop cravings, increase mental clarity, improve your mood, and reduce stress and anxiety – without drugs, side-effects, or feelings of deprivation.

With THE SEROTONIN POWER DIET, you can drop up to 2 pounds of pure fat every week – PLUS:

Get instant relief from cravings!
Control your appetite effortlessly!
Relieve stress – by snacking!
Feel happier, calmer, and more positive!
Boost your energy, stamina, and strength!
Look and feel better than ever before!
…and much more!

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